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Multifunction hands-free kit


  • New dedicated Bluetooth hands-free system® for telephone and music.

Advanced telephony functions:

  • Voice recognition through voice synthesis of the names in the phone contacts list without prior programming;
  • Automatic synchronisation of contacts list;
  • Management of up to 2000 contacts per telephone;
  • Compatible with all telephones equipped with Bluetooth®.

Audio functions:

  • Multiples sources musicales possibles : iPod, iPhone, clé USB, carte SD compatible SD/HC, téléphone Bluetooth Stéréo (A2DP), lecteur MP3 ou tout autre baladeur analogique ;
  • Complete play list display (artist, album title, track title and inlay image);
  • Music plays through all of the vehicle speakers to fully immerse the driver and passengers in the exceptional audio quality and amazing effect of the Virtual SuperBass.


  • Removable high resolution 6 cm colour TFT screen for displaying play list, caller ID and photo, telephone information and user settings;
  • Wireless Bluetooth remote control® for controlling all functions of the MKi9200;
  • Adjustable double external microphone with echo cancellation and advanced noise reduction;
  • Kit supplied permanently with 12V via the radio equipment.